How to book


Bear in mind that most of the peak season weeks may be taken well in advance, so try to book as early as you can.

There are three easy steps to booking:

  1. Check on the calendar to see if the week or weeks you want are available. We will try to ensure that firm bookings are entered as soon as we receive them.
  2. Contact us to book your week.
  3. Send your deposit.

Once we have received your cheque we will enter your booking on the calendar.



Dates (Saturdays) Season Price per week Deposit payable on booking
31st March to 28th April Low £400.00 £50
28th April to 1st September High £450.00 £50
1st September to 27th October Low £400.00 £50


If you need to cancel your holiday, please try to give as much warning as possible. Deposits are not refundable if cancellations are received less than a month before the date of arrival.

Final payment

Please make sure you pay the cottage rent in full (less deposit) no later than one month before the date of arrival. We reserve the right to let the cottage to another guest if full payment is not received.

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